Blogging: What Gives?

I have had doubts about starting up my own blog. Before, I used to voice out my concerns, rants and happy thoughts to my friends in our mailing list. Being perceptive and opinionated as they are, they give out their comments and advice which I was, and still am, very thankful for. I always thought that those concerns I voiced out were personal and need not be announced to the world, and telling them to my friends and receiving their advice are enough to give me other perspectives to consider. I was wrong.

It’s a wide world out there, and definitely, I will never run out of varying angles if I try to open up to that world. It was a scary thought, voicing out my opinions and, much more, asking for them when I’ve been used to being reserved with my own feelings on certain matters. But, one way or the other, I will need get out of this rusty shell, right? I couldn’t be rightly praised if I keep it that way.

Aside from that, there were certain issues that pushed me into finally opening up. Two, in fact. One, was an issue regarding a certain blog attack against a certain influential blogger with the pseudonym SexyMom. That issue can be seen here which you will need to read up before continuing on. After reading that post, a lot of blog and non-blog people associated with SexyMom have already retaliated with such outburst, and it was only day two. It was amazing. Everyone was standing up for her, and somehow I found myself wanting to take a stand as well. I did put my two cents in at the comments section, but I felt it wasn’t enough. A number of blog owners have written their own opinions of what a sexy Filipina or a sexy Filipina mother should be all about, and all of them with praise and respect. The goal to eradicate negative sites exploiting Filipinas that come up in the search engines when typing certain keywords like “sexy Filipina,” “sexy mother,” and the like is still a long way to go, but everybody who knew about this movement are already starting with the campaign. Therefore I, myself, wanted to get into the bandwagon. Hence, Sexy Dyosa… The Filipina Goddess.

Two, now this is somewhat more of indignation on my part, and a quickly spent anger to that. You see, after watching Asian Treasures for how many months (which only ended last June 29) and finally getting to the very end… it was all for naught. One word of description on the last episode, a catastrophe. Going through the description of my utter frustration would just deplete my current energy; therefore I will post my rants that I actually posted in our group’s mailing list after this. Anyway, I did try to look for certain forums supporting this series to give them a piece of my mind, to no avail. Hence, my friends’ ears got burned with my wrath. C’mon! I invested one hour five times a week for that show, and did I even get at least the satisfaction that finally, it has already ended?! Definitely not. I don’t want to start again. I’ll stop now.

So those are the matches that started the flame. All I need now is to fuel it into one really imposing bonfire. When I finally decided to push through with the blog, it took me a long time procrastinating on the idea of what to specifically write about and how many posts I should write in a month and how to start and so on. I was sorting out the twigs. I only realized what I was doing was wrong. I definitely couldn’t start the blog if I didn’t actually put it up in the first place. Any branch will do, as long as it’ll ignite enough blaze to suit its purpose. Of course, I’ll have to admit it will be small fry at first, but that’s the way it is. Eventually, things will heat up when I kept tossing in fuel. Sometimes it’ll take me a long time before feeding the flames again, but as long as it’s not snuffed out, all’s still good. Though there are certainly other types of flames that will be thrown out at me. Definitely, criticisms and attacks will come up and burn me to the bones. Taking in criticisms is not something I’m good at, but even I couldn’t stop it from coming. Yes, some will hurt, some will even pierce right on target, and some would even be so ridiculous you’d think twice if those so-called critics were actually living in the same planet. But, like me, they are entitled to their own opinions. It is, supposedly, a free world. I can learn from them as humbly as I could possibly allow myself… or just delete them. Why waste my precious beauty on their silly remarks when I can just wrap myself with the praises I will surely receive?

So there.

After weighing and pushing and talking to myself (I love talking to myself. I love me), I finally ended up here. The title Sexy Dyosa… The Filipina Goddess is just something that came up instinctively and obviously an influence from the Sexy Filipina movement. Living up with the title wouldn’t be that difficult though, all I have to do is just … be. However taxing.

How is that possible? Well, it’s true. I am Dyosa, I’m a Filipina, and I’m damn sexy, too. And what does that make me? Simply a goddess. I just can’t help it, so sue me. Or worship me.

Thus, here’s my beginning. The beginning. I just hope the world is ready for my inferno.



  Kyameel wrote @

Go, Dyosa! Go! XD

Write on, it seems you have a lot to say. And it is interesting to hear your ideas. Let me subscribe to that newsletter of yours ^^;

Kidding aside, go on and write. And bring the blogging world a new voice 🙂

  jeremy-kun wrote @

dyo, reading your post here…damn…it makes me seriously reconsider how much of a narcissist i am, coz your post is reeking of self worship through and through from hairtips to bone marrow. i guess it can’t be helped if you are a goddess incarnate 😀 that aside, i’m looking forward to more posts. i’m so loving this!

  yuri maxwell wrote @

I say this is way overdue. You should have started this last millennium. Bring on the inferno! Burn baby burn!

  frogfunk wrote @

On Issue #2: It seems to be a trend with these telefantasyas/seryes. The concept is okay but the endings get overdone (?). I used to watch Sugo but when I felt some signals that the ending will be el cheapo, I decided not to watch out for it.

The makers of the program tend to give in to network pressure because of the ratings. It’s also similar to how songs are overplayed in radio. But they’re stll interesting to watch though. E-hehehehe! Ü

  Flori wrote @

since i see you everyday, i find it difficult to comment on your posts. hmm…


  dyosa wrote @

actually, i’m really shy. hahahaha!

all teleseryes can be interesting enough for me, if I have the patience of Time. Sad to think some pinoy “creative” teams are not inclined to do work that is good and with integrity. if that time comes, asenso na Pilipinas. how bleak. hehe

sawa ka na sakin flo, un lang yun!

  SexyMom wrote @

Yo, goddess Sexy Dyosa, help make the Filipina proud, help redeem the clean image of the Filipina in the net.

welcome to the blogosphere.

[…] Here are links to articles that have already been posted. Let yours be added here—just inform me through the comments section. 1. Noemi’s How to Reshape the Sexy Filipina Image 2. Manila Mom’s Yes, Filipinas Are Sexy 3. BA’s Posting a comment is not enough…Blog about it! 4. Bloggers Society’s Filipina2007 5. Sir Martin Perez’s The attack on Sexy Mom: False feminism, if there is such a thing (as feminism) 6. Rico of Bayanihan Blog Network’s What Filipina Should Mean Online 7. Alan Jr.’s My Sexy Mom 8. Ladygadfly’s The Revolution: A New Definition of Sexy Filipina 9. Hot Buzz, Hot Biz’s Campaign Redefines the Sexy Filipina 10. FeistyMomma’s I am a Sexy Filipina Mom 11. Maia Jose (Manila Mom)’s Who’s Afraid of the Sexy Filipina? 12. Jane’s How to Reclaim the Dignity of the Sexy Filipina Woman 13. Global Voices’ Philippines: Taking back the “Sexy Filipina” Search Keyword 14. Marc Macalua’s Filipina SEO Campaign (started way back in 2004) 15. Ala Eh, Batangas Blogs’ Transforming Sexy Filipinas even sexier 16. Pinoy Blogosphere’s Compilation of Posts of Filipina Supporters 17. Filipina Soul’s What is a modern Filipina mom? 18. BA’s Let’s bring sexy and Filipina back 19. Jeric of’s Taking Back the Filipina 20. Flori’s I am a sexy Pinay, hear me roar! 21. Filipina Women’s Network’s Shape the Filipina Image Campaign 22. Filipino Librarian’s The Filipina and Yan ang Pinoy 23. Pinoy Press’ Google Bombing “Filipina” 24. Geri’s Confessions of a Filipina Internet Bride 25. Sassy Lawyer’s Sexy is not sex-starved nor a sex toy 26. Motherhood, Marriage and More’s Mabuhay ang mga Sexy Moms 27. Yoru’s the online journal of a sexy filipina 28. Zahflo’s Proud to be a SexyFilipina Mom 29. Sexy Dyosa’s Blogging: What Gives? […]

  gandadyosa wrote @

Hi Tita! Thanks for the support as well. I’m getting the hang of blogging bit by bit. hehe 🙂

[…] 24. Sexy Dyosa’s Blogging: What Gives? […]

[…] journal of a sexy filipina 28. Zahflo’s Proud to be a SexyFilipina Mom 29. Sexy Dyosa’s Blogging: What Gives? 30. Tanikalang Ginto’s How to Reshape the Sexy Filipina Image 31. Auee’s Oh no! A sexy […]

[…] online journal of a sexy filipina 28. Zahflo’s Proud to be a SexyFilipina Mom 29. Sexy Dyosa’s Blogging: What Gives? 30. Tanikalang Ginto’s How to Reshape the Sexy Filipina Image 31. Auee’s Oh no! A sexy Filipina […]

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