Moving out…

It’s been ages since I last updated this blog, and this will be the last time I will be doing so. I’ve moved to this link and started a new blog life. Hope to see you there!


Happy Beer-day!!!

Supposedly last March 13, I owe someone a big ssshlurpy-smacking virtual kiss!


Happy birthday Flori!!! 😀 Luvyah!

2008:03:12:12:57:00 STOP

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My stomach’s twisted in knots.
My head feels too heavy for comfort.
My heart is not agreeing with the world today.
And just because someone I barely know is leaving.

Dyosa, you are at it again.

When things get tough, it gets tougher

So they say.

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Ground Zero

I am currently trying my hand with flash fiction, though I’ve done this before, but that’s during my fanfiction days. This is different. I have to come up with something original. And my initial reaction is to write about something closely familiar to me. Very flashy. 379 words, couldn’t possibly make it to 500. Doing so is like scraping thin butter on too much bread. Ah, whatever.


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Swimming in a noodle-full of pancit

Either it’s hormonal imbalance or the past two nights’ conversations with friends that got me out of my element at the start of my Sunday morning, whichever it is, it’s not a very nice feeling.  Why? Because it got me thinking, how’s my life going? Am I leading it to where I want it to go? Will the universe ever conspire to put its heads together and finally say, “OK folks, let’s help this kid out because she needs it badly”? It’s so disconcerting that I find myself upside down with my feet dangling up my dreary skies.  I haven’t seen them as blue as my seventeenth summer days.  I was hoping after my soul-searching tête-à-tête with my friends, the sky might open up and a beam of light, even just a teensy-weensy stretch of it, would break out and give me some sort of answer. But waking up this morning all confused and muddled up got me… more confused and muddled up. Probably I had too much hours of sleep to last me three days, or I’m looking into things too deeply that I fail to see the vital things in plain sight that I couldn’t somehow feel as light as rain as I expected to feel.

Ah hell. I’m talking nonsense again.  It’s there, but it’s not there. I saw it already, but it slipped my mind again. Couldn’t find it, got tired looking. On with the show.

Oh damn, I remember. It’s 14 again.